early alpha version 0.000000000000001

WARNING: my prices are currently liable to change at any moment! i am still sorting out my prices to ensure they are reasonable for both myself and buyers.
i take commissions via ko-fi. i am currently NOT able to use paypal directly. but maybe soon.

i am an artist! i draw cute things ^_^
i currently mainly pursue art as a hobby but i aim to one day be able to make a living off of my art in some way once i get older!

you may contact me to discuss commissions on the following websites:






  1. i will require up-front payment before i begin work on your commission.
  2. i reserve the right to reject your commission request for any reason.
  3. when you recieve a commission from me, you have the right to use it for personal and non-commercial use as long as i am credited.
    this includes use in profile customization, personal websites, icons on social media, use in videos, etcetera. if you are unsure about whether a usage would be okay, feel free to ask me about it!
    (i doubt i would be willing to do serious commercial work at the moment, but if you have your heart set on something we can discuss it privately. prices may be different for commercial work.)
  4. please do not do major edits to my work without permission. cropping for icons is okay, but if you want to change colors or major details please ask for my permission!
    please do not trace my artwork or remove my signature.
  5. do not claim you created my work for any reason.
  6. if i find you have used my work in relation to highly objectionable behavior (racism, lgbtphobia, nazism, pedophilia, etc) i will demand you cease using my work immediately, and will not accept commission requests from you in the future.
    of course it goes without saying that if i find you engage in this behavior before you commission me, i will not accept any commission requests from you.
  7. i will only accept refunds if i have not completed the commission.

TERMS OF USE FOR CHARACTER DESIGNS (custom designs, adopted characters, etc)

  1. you may use character designs purchased from me for personal and non-commercial work. if you wish to use a character design in a commercial work, please discuss it with me before going forward. i may request an additional payment for use of my character designs in a commercial product.
  2. you may redesign the character as you wish, though please give me credit for the original design. if you redesign a character to the point where it is unrecognizable from the original design, you do not have to credit me for the redesigned version since it isn't really my design anymore (however please still credit me for the original design. i hope this hasn't been too confusing a paragraph).
  3. please do not use my character designs in ways that romanticize things such as pedophilia, lgbtphobia, racism, etc.
    while i understand fiction does not neccessarily reflect the views of the author, if i am very uncomfortable with the story you give a design i made, i may request you retire my design for the character, as i would not like the association. in this situation i would not be requesting that you stop using the character altogether, just that you give it a different design.
  4. if you resell or trade away the character design, please direct the new owner to my terms of use. you may resell or trade designs as you please, though i ask that if there is no additional art for a design that you do not sell it for more than what you paid.
  5. the entirety of the general TOS still applies.


NOTE: all prices are for fullbodies unless otherwise stated, since i don't draw busts or halfbodies particularly often.
i can give around a 20% or so discount for halfbody images though, but don't take that percentage too seriously because it could vary depending on what you want from me. ok for now that discount technically doesn't exist because i don't want to make 104983209482094 listings on ko-fi but i might be open to discussing this a bit.

ALSO NOTE: in options where multiple characters are available, i'll typically go up to a maximum of 3 or 4, but this isn't set in stone.

ALSO ALSO NOTE: some of these examples (flat colors in specific) are a bit outdated because i haven't made many recent images that fit those descriptions. for up to date examples on my art i recommend you look to my art archive blog.

personal artwork of my ocs
these are old examples though i don't make flat shaded art for fun often enough to have new examples...



my standard art style, colored without shading or with very minimal shading.

can have aliased (pixelly) lines on request.

left: vocaloid fanart. right: a hat in time fanart
left: personal artwork of my oc. right: commission for my older brother.



my standard art style with simple shading. i tend to experiment with shading a bit, so if you'd like me to replicate the shading i used in a certain image just ask! i typically go for cel shading, sometimes with a soft airbrush over the shadows as can be seen in the top right example. i also mess around with different brushes sometimes as can be seen in the bottom left example.

can have aliased (pixelly) lines on request.

left: commission for kyoraneko. right: commission for FURBll on deviantart.
(does not necessarily have to be a little robot gamer thingy, thats just a coincidence...)


a custom character design just for you! will be delivered in the format of a reference sheet with one fullbody unshaded drawing, a color palette, and various doodles and design notes to help get the design across. the doodles do not cost extra because they are silly and doodle-y.

for an extra 10 dollars you can get an extra fullbody of the same character on the reference sheet, so good for if you wanted an extra outfit or just wanted 2 drawings for whatever reason.

when ordering a custom design, please fill out this form! (and leave out my notes in parentheses because i'm incomprehensible)
a minimum of 2 or 3 parts of the form are necessary just so that i have something to work with, but most parts of the form are pretty optional

gender/presentation/Whatever: (masculine, feminine, neutral, WHATEVER..., etc)
species: (self explanatory really....if you have a myo slot for a closed species or something i'll probably be willing to make a design for you if you can confirm that you have that slot and that it's okay with the people who own the species for someone to take custom commissions for the species)
theme: (like a concept or some words or....somethin....Follow Your Heart As To What This Part Of The Form Means. i will say this is also the least optional part of the form...)
colors you would like: (also self explanatory....)
clothes/style: (any specific sort of outfit or just type of clothing you want them to wear...)
personality: (*shrugs*)
moodboard or somethin: (very optional but if you just wanna throw some images together to give me an idea of the sort of Aesthetic Qualities you want then thats fun and helpful i guess!)
anything else: (anything else you want in there that i didnt include as a field on the form...)
skin on left made for fun, skin on the right a commission for lemonberryqueen on deviantart
skin on the left commission for icopod on deviantart, skin on the right commission for kyoraneko


possibly my most popular commission type for some reason.
i can make a skin based off a pre-existing character design (bottom two examples) or unique designs made specifically for the skin (top two examples).

my style for minecraft skins is quite simple, typically without complex shading. i typically use the slim/alex model with 3px arms for my skins out of personal preference, but i can use the standard/steve model if requested.
my skins are made to be used with post-1.8 update versions of minecraft, if used in a version before 1.8 i cannot guarantee your skin will display properly.
i may also be able to make very small resource packs if you want a different texture for a mob or item.

left: sonic fanart. right: kirby fanart



funky little paint 3d images. despite technically being 3d, these absolutely shouldn't be used as 3d models for anything (they are similar to a flattened playdoh sculpture i think) , so you will not get the 3d models out of these. just the picture. please go find someone else if you want a proper usable 3d model/render.

can have a 2d background or just be transparent. i mess around with the lighting effects in paint3d a bit, so you may or may not get multiple versions with different lighting if i like the look for more than one.

NOTE: character designs may come out a little bit funky-looking and squarshed due to the nature of paint3d. you will have to accept this