A gif of a red and green gummy worm, animated to look like it's wiggling.

hello ^.^ welcome to a website!

i'm lucie
...what else do you want me to say...

this site is just where i have some pages about things that interest me, plus my art and any other things i thought would be worth sharing here. so...nothing particularly unexpected of a neocities site, i suppose ^.^;

if you are interested i take commissions for custom artwork! consider checking them out! i do not have a job!

and please keep in mind as you browse that this site contains some bespoke graphics i made for it myself. (for example, the dangling wires in the corners here)
these are NOT intended for public use unless otherwise specified, so please do not take them for use on your own site!

that's all i can think to say here for now. if you wish to know more about this site, then simply look at the site more and you should hopefully be able to figure it out eventually! thank you for visiting!

and don't forget to say hi to the worm.

UPDATE 5-30-2022

if anyone cares i fixed up the css on the commission info page so that it uses flexbox instead of grids, so it shouldn't break completely on smaller screens, and also updated the info a little bit too.
unfortunately, i forgot how to use the modal code it had before, so for the time being i've replaced it with just opening the images in a new tab so...1 step forward 2 steps back a little there.

UPDATE 5-28-2022

rewrote the home and about pages a little bit. no real reason just kinda felt like it. carry on

UPDATE 5-25-2022

Finally a whole dumb page just for talking about video games. most unnecessarily complicated layout in my whole entire life but i think it looks pretty neat...hopefully i will get more subpages done for it in due time

UPDATE 5-23-2022

Spent some time and effort breaking the site completely and then trying to put it back how it was before i did that, accomplishing a net total of nothing. Maybe it's just my destiny to have to go through a total chore everytime i want to change the links on the sidebar
Nevermind turns out i was just doing it wrong so now things...still look exactly the same, but secretly they will be less annoying for me specifically

UPDATE 5-21-2022

added a page with art on it! that isn't the commission info page!! though speaking of the commission info page i did add a back link to it!!! i was meaning to do that for ages but kept forgetting!!!!

UPDATE 5-10-2022

not very exciting update but i added a decent amount of new links to the links page...huge news for fans of clicking on things

UPDATE 5-4-2022

redid the entire damn site again out of nowhere (well the entire site that used the same styling as the homepage) i'm out of control
i just wasn't really feeling the whole rainbow thing...we're just rgb now! which is technically different!
...anyway i felt the layout i had before only worked if i kept everything really small/low on content for some reason. (...appropriate given my site is small and low on content but i would like it to not be one day...) which probably was not true but this way i know for sure i will probably be able to expand this one myself.
also this change will be slightly old news by the time i post this update, but my commission info page now has a less awkward "can you tell i redid this 40 times before posting it"-ish url. the old url redirects to the new one though so there should be no worries about broken links

UPDATE 5-1-2022

my internet's been bad lately so i decided to channel that frustration into compressing as many images on this site as i could. makes literally no difference to you (...maybe some things will load a little faster?) but now i'm only using 0.9% of my 1 GB! (down from 1.7%!) yay

UPDATE 4-26-2022

guess who forgot they had a website for 2 months again... :D
i remembered an old generator i made years ago and realized i could put it on here. so now there is a new link on the header that's just for random stuff i made. look at it if you want to

UPDATE 2-14-2022

happy valentine's day! i added a page with random links on it that have nothing to do with it being valentine's day. i just saw other people had a page like that and i wanted one too. ok

UPDATE 2-13-2022

made this page actually look like something now :P
(kept the worm though he wasn't hurting anybody)

now watch as i shall continue to not remember i even have a neocities website outside of my commissions page for the next 40 years and this thing is just left to fester.